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Jeffrey K

Abra Cadabra indexing

Indexer from Paris, Île-de-France | France
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Christine Hoskin

Schoolhouse Indexing

Indexer from Etna, New Hampshire | USA
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Victoria George, PhD

Compendium Indexing, LLC

Indexer from Durham, North Carolina | USA
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Stephen Ullstrom

Indexer from Edmonton, Alberta | Canada
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Laundry Breaks

Many freelancers dish about the upsides of working from home: “I can work in my pajamas!” “I don’t have to commute!” All great perks. But the one that makes me scratch my head: “I can do laundry during the day!”
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Indexing Podcast – Premiere of Trailer

Listen to the trailer for the new podcast dedicated to the business of freelance indexing.
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Michelle Guiliano | Line by Line Indexing

Indexer from Etna, New Hampshire | USA
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