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Learn more about Indexer Index and meet the team behind the scenes.

About Indexer Index

Indexer Index was created by longtime professional indexer Michelle Guiliano. It began as a kernel of an idea—actually a desire—to create a global community where indexers, index users, and players in the publishing world could come together to learn about each other’s roles in the indexing process. She realized that a simple blog on indexing just wouldn’t do.

So Michelle laid out a plan to develop a robust website where publishers could find indexers’ profiles and reach out with the touch of a button. A place where readers of indexes could ask questions, comment, and share feedback. A central location for indexers to explain their craft to publishers and readers. A virtual co-working space for indexers worldwide to communicate and pool their expertise.

Authors, publishers, editors, readers, indexers—everyone has something to learn and contribute. That is the spirit and mission of the Indexer Index.

Meet Michelle Guiliano

Michelle Guiliano began her indexing career (her second career!) in a small town with one general store, one tiny post office, and a parade ground in New Hampshire. It was near this parade ground that a neighbor told her all about indexing when they were volunteering together at a used book sale. Of course, indexers would be destined to meet when surrounded by piles of books! Michelle was intrigued and set off to learn how to become an expert indexer.

Fast forward nine years, Michelle now runs her own thriving indexing business, Line by Line Indexing. She still lives in the same town, within walking distance of her indexing neighbor. (Hi Christine!!!)  Her two teens, whom she homeschooled through high school, are now in college. Michelle and her husband are left with three dogs, two cats, a flock of opinionated hens, and a small herd of equines that includes a mini donkey to keep them company.

Michelle’s next adventure is bringing Indexer Index to life: building a home online where book people worldwide can meet and exchange ideas and knowledge (livestock optional).