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The Indexer Index Classroom — where learning and the application of knowledge intersect.

What makes the Indexer Index Classroom different?

Traditional indexing courses typically run asynchronously. Usually, you’ll review a huge volume of reading with limited (if any) live interactions with classmates and instructors. Feedback is in the form of a written critique.

But what about the indexing process itself? How do you know if you’re on the right track? If you have to wait until you hand in your assignment for pointers, some bad habits may be harder to undo.

The Indexer Index Classroom takes a different approach. We use a co-working model for indexing instruction. You’ll index side by side (virtually!) with your classmates and instructor, giving you an opportunity to learn at every stage of the process.

How the co-working model of instruction works

To help you hone your indexing skills, each course uses a combination of:

  1. Live, online teaching demonstrations
  2. Side-by-side work sessions
  3. Q&A office hours
  4. Real-time feedback

We’ll spend plenty of time sharing our screens so you can see the indexing process in action, rather than reading about it.

Plus, there’s a private chat room where you and your classmates can get to know each other. The instructor also hangs out there too, answering your questions and offering advice.

Now, doesn’t this sound like a better way to learn?

Take a look at our course offerings, and register now.


Indexing courses

Side-By-Side Indexing Foundations mini-course

This mini-course helps newer indexers overcome inertia when it comes to practicing the craft of indexing. Don't struggle alone—create an index for a 70-page book while working side by side with your…
Course starts 29 July 2024, 00:00.
Tickets available 12 July 2024, 03:00.
Participant access expires 17 September 2024, 08:00.
Course | 29 July 2024 to 16 August 2024