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Listen to the trailer for the new podcast dedicated to the business of freelance indexing.

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Indexing Podcast – Premiere of Trailer

Working as a freelance indexer can be isolating and lonely. But you’re not alone.

Michelle Guiliano is an experienced indexer who has indexed more than one hundred thousand pages over the past nine years as a freelance business owner. In each episode, as the host of the Freelance Indexer Exchange, she will take an in-depth dive into the business of indexing, providing you with an authentic, personal look at the ups and downs of freelance life. By talking about our freelance work with transparency, we can raise our businesses to the next level. We can do better together.

New episodes in season 1 will be coming out on Mondays, starting February 20th. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you won’t miss a single episode! Or check back here every Monday to download the latest episode.

Show Notes:

Michelle wants to know what’s on your mind! She has set up the Exchange Box where you can submit your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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Michelle Guiliano | Line by Line Indexing

Indexer from Etna, New Hampshire | USA
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